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Every hipster/indie movie trope. Comic perfection.

Obsessed with this song today!!

Jun 9
Probably the only #TylerHanes autographed copy of #InTheBlood and we own it. #indie #horror

Probably the only #TylerHanes autographed copy of #InTheBlood and we own it. #indie #horror

Mar 7

#Hipsterhood fans are the best fans. (ironically)


Thanks to you guys, we reached our Kickstarter goal of $7,000 last night just in time! We can’t explain how much this means to us. For everyone who  donated, reblogged, retweeted, shared on Facebook, and emailed/texted/told your friends, you’re all special in our eyes - the reason we get out of bed in the morning is that we know someone cares about our work!

#Hipsterhood is going back into production THIS SUNDAY, March 10! Stay tuned for updates and great content!

Can’t wait for the new season!!




The Hipsterhood team is holding a #HIPSTERBAND contest in celebration of our ongoing Kickstarter campaign!

We’re looking for the most original/creative/ironic/hilarious hipster band names you can come up with! To enter:

1) Follow us on Twitter (@hipsterhoodshow)!


This is amazing!!

Theme song for the day! #patience #anticipation 

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#obsessed with @TheTwinShadow today.  

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New musical #obsession @NikiandtheDove

Loving this song today! @maiasharp has an amazing voice! 

A video in support of Eastsiders the Series Kickstarter. Please consider supporting this amazing show. 

Watch episodes 1 and 2 HERE

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